Wagon Wheel

2010 AirPocono Wagon Wheel Pano

click once to view full panoramic photo
then drag your browser scroll bar from left and right to see the entire image

Our Campsite:

  • Daily Happy Hours! (Woo Hoo)
  • We’ll provide a continental breakfast on Friday, two hot breakfasts (Sat/Sun). For 6 years running we’ve had enough stores to provide breakfast for Monday morning too! (fingers crossed)
  • Turn 2 Tunnel Gates are open 24 hours a day starting Thursday at noon through Monday afternoon. You can enter / exit even when a race is running (you’re going under the track).
  • Wally Byam style Wagon Wheel Camping, just like the old days. YES, this is dry camping but all of the amenities you could hope for (when dry camping) have been arranged:
  • Semi-private porta-johns located at the edge of our wagon wheel.
  • Hard walled men’s and lady’s rooms are a few hundred feet from our campsite.
  • Tractor Trailer Based Pay Showers (pretty nice actually, ~$8ea) are adjacent to those permanent Men’s/Ladies Rooms.
  • Non-Pottable Water / Ice Trucks / Pumpouts are available at our site all weekend long (extra cost)
  • Campfires every night
  • 55″ HDTV DirecTV Broadcasts of everything NASCAR all weekend long under our 20′ x 20′ shelter.
  • Optionally you can participate in group Pot Luck Dinners both Friday & Saturday nights. You’re either with us, or you’re somewhere else! 😕

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