Keep Track of Family & Friend’s Locations LIVE

Posted: May 12, 2017 in Get Ready

Programs like Glympse have been allowing you to share your LIVE locations with others for years now, but Google Maps recently implemented an easy sharing option.  For individuals and GROUPS this can be turned on and off at will.  You can even set it up so sharing will automatically expire once you arrive at your destination.

At home we use it 24/7 by default as another way for our family to keep in touch.  Three generations sharing their location is now second nature.  Who’s at work, who’s at home, and most recently, which two were lucky enough to be in Italy for a week+!  You can just open maps, select Location Sharing from the menu and see where anyone participating is any time of day or night.

For traveling groups like AirPocono attendees you can choose to do the same.  Who is at the campsite, who is in the grandstands, who is out on pit road for instance.  Or for the safety and peace of mind, where are our expected arrivals right NOW and what is Google Maps estimating their time of arrival to be?  As an organizer, not only do you hope that everyone that attended had great time, but now we can hope to see that everyone gets back home safely without delay.

We’ll hope some of this year’s attendees will take advantage of ALL that Google Maps has to offer as knowing is far better than wondering.  If someone needs assistance we won’t need an address or a landmark.  We’ll just select their icon on the screen and Google will expertly navigate us directly to them.

This might seem overly imposing to some at first, but once you try it with family or friends you can quickly see and appreciate the benefits.  Whether you’re going to use it for a morning drive, a weekend caravan, or 24/7 like we do, it’s an amazing advance in location sharing where you can select who, when, and for how long.  Have a look at a Google Maps Location Sharing video below.


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