This Airstream Owner Special event requires that every participant stays in any RV manufactured by Airstream Corporation.  Both Airstream Travel Trailers and Airstream manufactured Motorhomes have always been welcome!  No tent camping allowed at this event.

Three simple steps to get your registration started!

  1. Download, print fill out and sign the 2017 Volunteer Liability Waiver here: REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED
  2. Then either take a photo of the completed and signed waiver with your phone and send it to OR you can mail it via US Postal Service to: G Garvey, PO Box A, Mastic Beach, NY 11951.  ONE signed waiver is required for EVERY 18+ year old in your party.  YOUR waiver covers you and any underage guests under your care for the camping weekend.
  3. Then complete the 2017 AirPocono Registration Form here:  REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED

Once we’ve received the completed Volunteer Liability Waiver forms for every 18+ in your party and the online registration form, we’ll verify your registration and email you your total camping weekend costs with payment options.

Once we’ve received your payment, we’ll forward your contact information onto our event coordinator at Pocono Raceway and you’ll be able to buy your infield camping pass along with any other Pocono Raceway grandstand tickets or upgraded track activities you desire.  Please view this Pocono Raceway page for all of the ticketing options that are available to you:

Thank you for considering making our annual event an even better one – looking forward to seeing everyone in the wagon wheel!


NASCAR visits Pocono Raceway twice every year.  We choose the July weekend, it better fits families with children and grandchildren of all ages.  School is out bringing families from farther distances.  We’ve had our share of youth every single year.  We’ve actually watched some families grow up over the last 8 years.  From infants or toddlers, up through all the elementary grades.  We’ve watched a few of your youngsters turn into young adults!

If it’s your first time to AirPocono, or you’ve been with us ALL eight years but would like to better utilize your racing activity time, look no further than this weekend’s preview of what’s happening at the track this weekend:

Make sure you press the plus signs in the upper right hand corner of every event of interest.  Some are free and open to all, some are free but have limited access.  You might need to be there super early or at some other time prior to the event to get one or a number of these limited availability access wrist bands.  Some of the more unbelievable sounding events might require an extra purchase.  Have a look and be prepared to act on a similar schedule (a new schedule) next month.  Be ready.

If one of these events requires tickets look for a duplicate event in July.  You’ll find grandstand seats at the top of this page and most of the extras in the grid boxes nearer the bottom of the page:

Lastly you can see this weekend’s full weekend media schedule here:  There are some special and unique internet only events included and coverage started early this morning.

Of special note, for this Saturday’s 1pm Xfinity race at Pocono Raceway on FOX, the entire racing broadcast team will be 100% Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Drivers!  They include:  Kevin Harvick, Joey Logano, Clint Bowyer, Ryan Blaney, Erik Jones, Ricky Stenhouse Jr, Danica Patrick, and Denny Hamlin.  This should be fun, or at least funny.  Let’s see how many balls get dropped!  Blooper real please!

…and if by chance you’re mostly looking for some chill time in the infield of a 200+mph racetrack you’ll find our wagon wheel Airstream village to be one of the most iconic historic camping layouts in all the land!  You can thank Wally for that one!

1959 Capetown to Cairo Airstream Caravan

The 1959 Capetown to Cairo Caravan. Pyramid Wagon Wheel campsite at no extra charge!



Programs like Glympse have been allowing you to share your LIVE locations with others for years now, but Google Maps recently implemented an easy sharing option.  For individuals and GROUPS this can be turned on and off at will.  You can even set it up so sharing will automatically expire once you arrive at your destination.

At home we use it 24/7 by default as another way for our family to keep in touch.  Three generations sharing their location is now second nature.  Who’s at work, who’s at home, and most recently, which two were lucky enough to be in Italy for a week+!  You can just open maps, select Location Sharing from the menu and see where anyone participating is any time of day or night.

For traveling groups like AirPocono attendees you can choose to do the same.  Who is at the campsite, who is in the grandstands, who is out on pit road for instance.  Or for the safety and peace of mind, where are our expected arrivals right NOW and what is Google Maps estimating their time of arrival to be?  As an organizer, not only do you hope that everyone that attended had great time, but now we can hope to see that everyone gets back home safely without delay.

We’ll hope some of this year’s attendees will take advantage of ALL that Google Maps has to offer as knowing is far better than wondering.  If someone needs assistance we won’t need an address or a landmark.  We’ll just select their icon on the screen and Google will expertly navigate us directly to them.

This might seem overly imposing to some at first, but once you try it with family or friends you can quickly see and appreciate the benefits.  Whether you’re going to use it for a morning drive, a weekend caravan, or 24/7 like we do, it’s an amazing advance in location sharing where you can select who, when, and for how long.  Have a look at a Google Maps Location Sharing video below.

It’s our EIGHTH Annual Airstream Owner’s camping weekend at Pocono Raceway!  If this has been on your bucket list for the last seven years, you should consider this year’s event your MUST ATTEND event.  It’s NASCAR’s most popular driver, running 14 years straight, Dale Earnhardt Jr’s, LAST YEAR in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup and his last race at Pocono Raceway, so prioritize 2017 if you must!

Dale Earnhardt Jr. in the Pocono Garage

July 27th through July 31st.  You can arrive any day, at any time, and leave whenever you need to, day or night.  Your towed or tow vehicle can exit and reenter as often as you like, anytime day or night.  It’s your RV that MUST stay in the infield for the duration of your stay.  Once your RV leaves, your infield camping weekend with us is over.

The AirPocono Gang

This is an independent camping weekend, no club, no officers, no memberships required.  All attendees volunteer a bit of time to help police the area, help with the morning breakfasts, and/or help by bringing equipment we can use for the weekend.  You can stay for as many track activities as you like, go out on pit road, sit in the stands, explore the Fan Fair and all that Pocono Raceway has to offer.

Jimmy does Pancakes and Sausage! Don’t forget the tip cup!

You’ll meet new friends, share Airstreaming experiences, and experience the best of what NASCAR, Pocono Raceway, and the Poconos have to offer.  You’ll camp in a modern day version of Wally Byam’s 1958 African Caravan Wagon Wheel, where he and his fellow Airstreamers stayed at the pyramids of Egypt on their trip North from the Cape.

Sunrise at Pocono Raceway!

They had the pyramids, we have Pocono Raceway, a modern 2.5 mile super speedway with three (and just three) distinct turns, each with a full 3 day race schedule that includes ARCA, Camping World Truck, and Monster Energy NASCAR Cup series.  ~800+ horsepower , we stay in the INFIELD, in the center of it all, for as many as 4 full days experiencing everything that happens at the only 2.5 mile super speedway on the circuit that DOESN’T use the horsepower robbing restrictor plates that are used at Daytona and Talladega tracks.  There’s plenty more to be written, 7 years of prior year experiences to be shared.

Saturday Night Fireworks Explode Overhead!

If you’re one of our Airstreaming AirPocono friends, we’ll be happy to see you back.  If you’re brand new, adrenaline flowing at the thought of coming out of the woods for all of this stock car racing excitement please browse past years photos in the links down the left hand column at  We’ll be camping on grass, watching fireworks overhead Saturday night, but we’ll also get you out on the track!

Travel safely Airstreamers, looking forward to seeing you all in July at Pocono Raceway!