Our friends at Pocono Raceway just launched a major video campaign.  They’ve finally figured out how to show YOU why people come to the track for the very first time, and for the 20th time too.  A brand new series of video shorts that will touch your senses.  SIGHTS & SOUNDS will stir your emotions.  But when you get to the track you will get to TOUCH it and SMELL it.  But once you pull into our ALL Airstream Wagon Wheel, you will finally get to TASTE it.  Whether it’s your FIRST time or your NINTH time it’s the TASTE of this ALL Airstream Pocono Raceway NASCAR Camping Weekend event that will grab you.

You can arrive as early as Thursday noon and stay as late as Monday noon.  You can come and go as you please (tow/towed vehicles only) anytime day or night.  For sure though, there are more options than you can handle, a nearly endless amount of things to see and do.  You can come to rest and soak it all in, but you’ll sacrifice the many.  Or you can try and hustle to as many events in and around the track, offsite to lakeside lunches and dinners, casinos, shopping, touring and more.  There’s more to do this weekend than any of your typical deep woods camping experiences.  There’s far more excitement, there’s a ton more action.  What you see, hear, touch and do, well, this isn’t Grand-pappy’s deep woods camping experience for sure.  This is a full blown NASCAR racing weekend at Pocono Raceway.  We’re in the infield and we’re in a great big ‘ol Wally Byam Wagon Wheel with room to spare.  Nightly campfires, Saturday night Fireworks, and a 55″ TV under a 20′ x 20’ shelter so you can see ALL the racing action within a stone’s distance from your Airstream.  Come one, come all!

Here are direct links to ALL the Pocono Raceway series videos entitled “This Might Get Tricky”  you’ll probably even see a few people you already know… 🙂

This Might Get Tricky – Pilot – Pocono Raceway Meets auGi

Camping and So Much More (Airstreamers)

This Might Get Tricky – Episode #2 – auGi Gets Hypnotenused

This Might Get Tricky – Episode #3 – auGi Meets First Arrivals

This Might Get Tricky – Episode #4 – auGi Goes Through The Tunnel (Airstreamers)

This Might Get Tricky – Episode #5 – The Kids Are Alright

This Might Get Tricky – Episode #6 – Heroes

This Might Get Tricky – Episode 7 – Wheels In The Sky Keep Turnin’

This Might Get Tricky – Episode #8 – auGi Crossed The Finish Line

This isn’t all, not by a long shot.  Join us in the infield in our very own Wally Byam Airstream Wagon Wheel in July!  You can arrive and park anytime, day or night.  Come and make your own memories.  They’ll last a lifetime for sure.

Early Bird Renewal Registration has already closed.  Our Annual Registration opens on May 29th at 00:01.  You haven’t missed anything yet!  Can’t wait, can you?  See you soon, happy trails!


Available ONLY to AirPocono 2017 Attendees.  In 2017 you came, you saw, you conquered all that was Pocono Raceway, NASCAR, and AirPocono 2017. By now you’ve received your Pocono Raceway 2018 renewal forms directly from the track and this year we’re going to take full advantage of the discounts offered!

Registration is NOW OPEN for AirPocono 2018 for all returning AirPocono 2017 attendees. Save $50 off your $250 infield camping pass with Pocono Raceway. Save 20% off any additional Grandstand tickets.  Save $5 off your $20 per person (12 and under are always FREE) AirPocono fee!

Money tight?  Take advantage of Pocono Raceway’s 4-payment plan and this becomes a real no-brainer. Pay 25% now (+handling and shipping fees) and they’ll automatically charge your credit card another 25% in February, March, and April. Check it out – http://www.poconoraceway.com/renewals.html

2017 AirPocono Attendees that want to sign up EARLY start here, now:  2018 AirPocono Volunteer Liability Form